Assessment Services

With a decade of experience, Benchmark Rehab is the go-to choice for vocational, earning capacity, and employability assessments.

Our dedicated team of Rehabilitation Counsellors consistently deliver high-quality evaluations. Our assessments are known for their reliability, validity, and objective nature, as we utilise comprehensive tools and evidence-based practices. With a 98% success rate in facilitating return to work, we’re committed to your success.

Choose Benchmark Rehab for accurate, reliable assessments.

2000+ assessments provided in the last 12 months with
a 98% Return to Work rate achieved

Functional Assessments

Establishing baseline and determining functional capabilities with physical and psychological assessments

Workplace Assessments

Matching worker abilities with the ideal workplace synergy

ADL Assessments

Assessing and enhancing Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for independence

Vocational Assessments

Unlocking the ideal career path for individuals

Ergonomic Assessments

Optimising comfort and productivity at work

Vehicle Assessments

Driving with confidence and safety

Other services include

  • Job Analysis
  • Transferable Skills Assessment
  • Pre-Employment Screenings

Benchmark Rehab is approved by SIRA to provide workplace rehabilitation services within the NSW workers compensation system. (Provider Number: 954)